“First A Dream”

First a Dream by Jim Clayton
Jim tells how the high performance Clayton family of companies were built, in his own words. This captivating “rags to riches” story details how auto, home, insurance and banking organizations, under Jim’s leadership, went from an “idea” to world class prominence on the New York Stock Exchange.

Read how setbacks were overcome: how Jim became an engineer, lawyer, and achieved a listing on Forbes as one of the richest Americans. The story depicts how high performance can be achieved while maintaining a highly ethical culture. All of this was achieved by a share-croppers son from rural West Tennessee.

This is the book, now with 8 additional chapters, received by Warren Buffet on a Friday that motivated Warren to call Jim on Monday to buy Clayton Homes, Inc. over-the-phone. The Berkshire Hathaway check for $1.7 Billion arrived one month later – and none of the parties had met. Kevin Clayton, Jim’s son, continues as CEO for Berkshire and you will enjoy Jim’s account of Kevin’s leadership development at a young age.
Jim believes that an individual with the opportunity to learn and earn must return!. Accordingly, the Clayton Foundations return millions each year to communities where the Clayton businesses are located.


A great fan writes: “First a Dream is an interesting success story filled with terrific business lessons. Learn how he created, expanded, and sold his premier company to me… It’s all here. Jim is a wonderful guy… and picks better than I sing.
Jim Clayton and Warren Buffett singing
Jim Clayton and Warren Buffett singing
The students gave me the New Edition last week, and you have topped yourself. You are a natural writer… reading the eight new chapters was like eating popcorn”
– Warren Buffett
Jim Clayton and Dolly Parton
Jim Clayton and Dolly Parton
“Jim found his rainbow after every storm… proved the American dream is alive…”

– Dolly Parton